Salon Policies

​The nitty-gritty, not so fine print, but "must-says" to ensure an

amazing experience for each of my guests.

-A 24 hour cancellation notice is required.   If you must reschedule or cancel your appointment less than 24 hours prior,  you will be responsible for 50% of the missed service before rebooking your next appointment.    

-Please arrive on time for your appointment.  If you are late, there may not be ample time to complete all the services booked.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, the appointment will be considered a "no call/no show" and cancelled.  You will then be responsible to pay 50% of the service missed before rebooking your next appointment.​  If you are running late, please give me a courtesy call, and I will do my best to accommodate you.

-Due to the nature of our salon environment, children should be supervised by an adult that is not receiving service. [With the current situation, I understand childcare is not always reliable right now.  We currently have a child area and a TV set up for this reason]

-Electronic devices are welcome, but please respect the other guests, and use earbuds while listening.  


-Arrive to your appointment with CLEAN and DRY hair.

-Dirty hair can negatively affect the outcome of your color, and can give unpredictable results.This includes heavily sweated in hair.  The salts in our sweat can create unpredictable results.  It will be up to my discretion to determine if your hair is clean enough to perform the color service.  Please be advised, this may result in additional service time, addition cost or postponement of services. 

-Dry hair is required for best, even and predictable results.  If you arrive to your appointment with wet or damp hair, a blow dry fee  will be applied to your service ticket.  Since this will affect the timing of your appointment, not all services may be completed. 

-A clean and even canvas, is the best canvas!  I prefer my clients to clarify their hair before their appointment.  This helps remove any minerals from water, sweat, makeup, etc.  Minerals can have a major negative effect on hair color.  I recommend, Redken Cleansing Cream.  I offer single use samples for purchase.  If you are a Blonde, and a purple shampoo user, please refrain from using purple shampoo a few shampoos before your appointment, this also helps with having an even canvas to work on.