AMAZON Favorite Clothing Finds

I'm a frequent flyer with Amazon Prime. It started during the newborn days, sleep-deprived and desperate for sleep, ordering anything and everything that might help us "survive". The convenience of it is next level. I can't even imagine what my great-grandma would think of all our modern day conveniences. Here is a list of some of my favorite things I have found over the years. Let me know if you try any of them out!

This sherpa pullover is a must have for your closet. You will want to wear it every day, so go ahead and buy a few different colors and styles. They come in a great variety of darker colors, if white is as dangerous for you as it is me. They are a bit oversized, so if you want a more fitted look, size down.


I had this toddler cardigan on my wish list before Jaycie was even born. Finally, I decided to give it a try, and I will recommend this cardigan again and again. It's so soft, warm and great quality. I bought her regular size, it's slouchy, over-sized, plenty of room to grow, and still very cute.


I'm a sucker for cardigans, but am super picky. Since I basically live and work in them, they have to be comfortable, stay on, and have sleeves that will stay out of my way. Most importantly, I have broad shoulders, so the shoulder area has to lay well so I don't look like a linebacker. This one hits all the marks! GET IT HERE

Who doesn't need a floppy hat?! It's a tad oversized, but works for us just fine!


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