The Dirt

I was hoping I would have this wonderful baby chick story to tell, and adorable chicky baby photos to go with, but to be honest, it has been a chicken disaster.

With everything going on in the world, apparently panic buying chickens is now a thing. So after spending months planning my chicken order, the chickies I wanted weren't available. I was determined to become a chicken mama ASAP, (I mean I have the time now), a few plan changes and chicks were ordered.

Long story short, my baby chicks came this last week. By the time they got to me they were 4 1/2 days old, and had spent 3/12 of those days being shuffled around by the post office - not an ideal shipping situation for baby chickies. When I opened the box so many were so weak that I didn't even think they were alive. We gave them lots of TLC and they perked back up for the most part. Over the course of next 36 hours I ended up losing 9 out of 10 chicks. It was so disheartening.

So now, I am left with a lonely chick, and I'm currently working on getting her some friends as quickly as possible. She's super spoiled, lives in the house, loves my daughter and I'm hoping she never forgets it! I though she deserved a special name since she is the lone survivor. I asked Jaycie what she thought we should name her and she said "Big Toe". Not sold on that one yet.

Other than getting broken into hobby farming, we've been working on our garden expansion. We are sunkissed, are hands are calloused, and we have our typical unexplained cuts and bruises that come with being outdoors.

Spring so far looks different than I had dreamt about all winter. I live for the garden centers opening up and spending my days off wandering through them. And there is nothing like the smell of a greenhouse and the steamy humidity that hits you when you step in. I long for days like that, but I'm thankful that's one of the biggest things I'm missing right now. There are many others sacrificing so much more. Being stuck at home is a blessing, and until things are back to normal, that's where I'll be...while playing in the dirt.

PS. Are you participating in the virtual easter egg hunt? You've found egg #6! You can start playing anytime. Hunt ends 4/10. Check out our Facebook page for all the details.


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