Are your hands absoloutly tore up from over-washing and extreme use of hand sanitizer?  The skin on our hands is thinner than the skin on our face.  It's no wonder our hands are experiencing flaking, cracking, itchiness and even bleeding.  The condition your hands are experienceing is irritant contact dermatitis.  Harsh chemiclas and overwashing destroy the very important natural biome of our skin, while also removing the protectaive oils from our skin.  This is why I've created this "Quarantine Hands" Kit.  
You will receive TWO products. A lotion created for cancer patients experiencing dermatitis from treatment, and a cuticle and nail oil.  
Radiation Relief Lotion

More than half of people with cancer will receive radiation therapy during their cancer treatment and one of the most common side effects is a skin condition called radiation dermatitis. A condition which can range from a mild, red rash and itchy, peeling or flaking skin to a more severe reaction with blisters and wet, peeling skin. This lotion will help soothe and relieve symptoms of dermatitis.  
Nail and Cuticle Serum

Moisturize your cuticles, skin and nails with our nutrient rich Nail + Cuticle Essential Oil: a nourishing combination of jojoba and sweet almond oil infused with calendula, rose, and chamomile then topped with a proprietary blend of healing essential oils.

Quarantine Hands Repair Kit



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